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Party Entertainment From Sparkle

The Part Entertainers are proud to introduce the magically wonderful Sparkle!

She is a one of a kind, all singing, all dancing, pretty as a picture, high energy FEMALE entertainer!

Sparkle has many years of experience in the entertainments industry. She has previously worked for Thomson Gold across seas, Haven Holiday Clubs, Winter Wonderland and has been a Butlins Redcoat too!!

Our Sparkle has lots of ‘not so hidden’ talents such as being able to sing as well as Elsa and being able to swim as strong as Ariel! (She can show you her synchronised swimming skills if you invite her to a pool party!) She can also dance as good as Esmeralda, should your child be keen to learn any crazy party dances!! So to sum up, Sparkle is the perfect pick for your little ones special day and will tailor your party to ANY age group!!

Sparkle Fun Facts

She has a pet Chihauhau called Ramone!

She use to work as a Presenter on Nickelodeon and was a top 10 finalist to be in Nickelodeon’s ‘Go Go Go’ Show!

She also made the top 5 finalists to be a Kiss FM Presenter!

Sparkle loves all things pink and glittery!!

Sparkle has a very warm personality and it is impossible not to instantly like her! Get ready for a full on fun party.


Sparkle Parties

A Sparkle party includes dancing, parachute games, bubbles, balloon modelling, competitions, limbo, lots of jumping up and down and fun, fun, fun! Sparkle appeals to boys and girls and also gets the whole family involved in her interactive parties.


Sparkle’s Gallery